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iPellet is a company that innovates, designs and manufactures automatic feeders and pet troughs, introducing to the market products oriented to the care of pets and to the benefit of the ease of their masters.

iPellet it has allies of high quality standards in China for the manufacturing of electronic units and with the alliance of INTERMOB Chile for the manufacturing of metal containers.


Are at the service of:

  • Houses, Apartments and rural residencial properties.
  • Canine Police, Zoos, Kennels, Breeding centers, Pet Shops, Industry and institutions.


How the idea started

iPellet E.I.R.L. began its journey in September 2009, when its founder, Electronics Engineer Carlos Sagredo designed and manufactured the first automatic feeder for his dog "Leo", a Beagle whom for health reasons needed strict control of its diet and its water always kept clean and fresh. Finally, the developed and improved concept was patented in 2015.

Carlos Sagredo Vera


September 2009

September 2017

With our systems you can improve:

Sanitary aspects: Water, when replaced automatically twice a day, allows the container to be kept cleaner. Mold, fungi and bacteria are common to be found in stagnant water and containers with poor hygiene and can cause serious health problems for animals.

Operational: The system allows savings and operational improvements in places where there is a large number of animals to feed and drink, since the autonomy and automatic management of the system allows for fewer staff for these functions.

Calm and relief: Allows the owners to leave without problems to work, weekend and holidays as the system will allow you to have food and water for the pet in a safe and appropriate way.

Quality of life for the animal: The iPellet feeders can be adjusted to the height of the dogs to eat and drink. This avoids problems of gastric twist since the dog (animal) will eat its pellet at the appropriate height according to his size.

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